Gudiyam Cave

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Gudiyam Caves – Documentary Movie
The Stone Age Rock Shelters of South IndiaPoster_gudiyam_web

Cannes Film festival 2015 : Short Film Corner  Cannes_SFC_Logo

” The 33-minute film has remarkable aerial shots — but the best thing about it is the historical backing that Ramesh has provided. He has extensively interviewed experts from the fields of archaeology and geology, parts of which are woven into the film.” – Akila Kannadasan,The Hindu

 “The caves go to Cannes” – The HINDU 2015

This documentary takes you through an interesting journey to explore and understand the authenticity of the prehistoric Stone Age rock shelters of South India.

Attention is drawn through this documentary on Gudiyam Rock Shelters starting from 19th century to the recent developments. Archaeological and geological findings are chronologically documented.

Robert Bruce Foote, the British geologist  first investigated these prehistoric rock shelters and later documented in Geological survey of India Memoir in 1873.

This unique, prehistoric archaeological site would soon be damaged and may lose its significance because of continuous onslaught of human interference, vandalism and destruction.

Defacement and encroachments in the form of ever expanding local temple within the Gudiyam rock shelter and its present-day condition of the site is documented. Besides, the expert’s interview from former officials of Archaeology, Geology Department, Independent researchers reveal the authenticity of the findings of Stone Age rock shelters and their age.

Uniform view and appeal of all the experts strengthens the need for urgent call to protect, popularize and conserve this unique prehistoric heritage site.

பிபிசி தமிழோசை (BBC): கான்ஸ் சென்ற குடியம் குகையின் கதை