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Gudiyam Caves – Documentary Movie
The Stone Age Rock Shelters of South India


Date Description
19 Nov 2011 First visit to Gudiyam cave and reached up to first cave
10 Dec 2011 Visited Poondi Museum and Gudiyam cave and bought Thulasiraman’s Book
20 Dec 2011 First Email request send to Dr.Shanti Pappu and got response on next day
12 Feb 2012 First shoot begin with Mr.Thulasiraman’s Interview at his Thiruvallur house.
26 Feb 2012 Interview with Dr.Shanti Pappu recorded from her home and files are corrupted
09 Mar 2012 Visited Tamilnadu department of Archaeology and met Mr.Sreekumar
10 Mar 2012 Recorded Gudiyam cave location with Vasanth, DoP
12 Mar 2012 Visited Chennai Museum for stone tool collections display
19 Mar 2012 Recorded Poondi pre-historic Museuem with Vinodh Kanna, DoP
25 Sep 2012 Email sent to GSI (e.balasubramaniam@gsi.gov.in)  – no reply
04 Nov 2012 Visited Guidyam cave with Vasanth & Vinodh for further exploration
11 Jan 2013 Recorded interview from Dr.Gowtham, Presidency College with Chandran,DoP
11 Jan 2013 TN Archaeology Dept official cancelled the interview on the day of shooting scheduled.
11 Jan 2013 Tried to get further information / interview from Dr.Balaji, HoD, University of Madras, but he refused for both.
20 may 2013 Email sent to Vasanth to cover the R.B.Foote event at museum – (I was in UK) but failed to cover this event.
01 Feb 2014 Recorded available stone tool collections from Chennai Museum with Vasanth, DoP.
03 Feb 2014 Email request sent to ASI Chennai circle and received response.
07 Feb 2014 Requested for online crowd funding for this project and shared the info to all friends & relatives and we earned 0.00 in 40 days
12 Feb 2014 Information shared with Min-Tamil online group and received well appreciation and further contacts
14 Feb 2014 Information requested from S.B.Ota, Regional Director, A.S.I and received further details
17 Feb 2014 Email sent to GSI director Singanenjam and get great response and have got the contact of Mr.Kumaraguru, Former Director of GSI.
17 Feb 2014 Email request sent to Dr.Balaji, H.O.D, University of Madras and no reply
21 Feb 2014 Visited university of Madras Library finally saw the Dr.A.Swami’s Phd thesis.
26 Feb 2014 Requested details on V.D.Krishnaswamy paper from Dr. K. Kumaraswamy, Bharathidasan University – received response.
02 Mar 2014 Attirampakkam, Gudiyam site recorded with Vasanth,DoP and Varun,Infosys
06 Mar 2014 Email request sent to  Dr.Hema  Achyuthan, Anna University and no response
09 Mar 2014 Interview recorded from Orissa Balu at his residence with DoP Vasanth and Karthikeyan, Civil Engineer
10 Mar 2014 Email request sent to S.V.Srikantia, Geological Society of India and received good response and guidance.
11 Mar 2014 Email Request sent Ms. Florence Ashton,UK (Foot’s Family) and received few documents on R.B.Foote
17 Mar 2014 Visited Madras Literary Society Library and applied for membership
18 Mar 2014 First email request to Mr.sathyamurthy and received good response
24 Mar 2014 Requested remote sensing information from Dr.Sanjeevi, Anna University – No reply
29 Mar 2014 First communication started with Kumaraguru, Former GSI Director
01 Apr 2014 Email communication started with Mr.Kumaraguru, Former GSI Director and then he helped lot in this project
03 Apr 2014 Clarification requested from Dr.Upinder Singh and received reply on same day.
31 Aug 2014 Interview taken from Mr.Kumaraguru at Gudiyam cave location with DoP Vasanth, Janagen & Anand
20 Sep 2014 Visited the Gudiyam cave site and Interview taken from Mr.Prabakaran, IDES, C.E.O, Cantonment board with DoP Vasanth, Jangen and karthikeyan
22 Sep 2014 T.Sathyamurthy, Former ASI official,  interview taken from his residence in Thiruvanmiyur
13 Oct 2014 Myself and Vasanth met Mr.Ramkumar IGPL and had a good discussion
06 Nov 2014 Email request sent to Dr.Sumathi Rajesh, HOD, anthropology UoM and received response.
20 Nov 2014 Editing started with conversion @Ramarao studio
30 Nov 2014 Stayed at Rajan Farm house near Gudiyam and pending shots has been completed within Gudiyam caves.
06 Dec 2014 Voice over recorded from Fedo Pete at DJ studio
08 Dec 2014 Editing work started by Rajan @ Ramarao Studios
20 Dec 2014 Sreekumar, TN Archaeology Dept, visited edit studio and reviewed the content
22 Dec 2014 Dr.Iniyan, Archaeologist visited edit studio and reviewed the content
23 Dec 2014 Stone tool making demo captured from Dr.Jinu Koshi by DoP.Vasanth
24 Dec 2014 Kumaraguru, Former GSI Director visited edit studio and reviewed the content
28 Dec 2014 Cityscape captured from St.Thomas Mount and Light house with DoP.Vasanth
31 Dec 2014 Helicam shooting @ Gudiyam caves with DoP Vasanth