Robert Bruce Foote

Father of Indian prehistory
Biography documentary

Ramesh Yanthra


Biography of Robert Bruce Foote: The Englishman who Unearthed India’s Pre-History.

24: The age at which Robert Bruce Foote joined the Geological Survey of India.
33: The number of years he contributed towards research on Indian Geology & Prehistory.
459: The number of pre-historic sites he discovered during his career.

Robert Bruce Foote; a man whose footprints traversed the whole of India; a man whose hands painstakingly recorded his prehistoric findings for the future. He lived true to these immortal words:

“I have fought a good fight.
I have finished my course.
I have kept the faith.”

My personal note…
My interest in Robert Bruce Foote was kindled when I made my first documentary on Gudiyam Caves in the vicinity of the Poondi Reservoir in Thamizh Nadu; I learned that these caves had first been discovered by Foote, who documented his research in a way that opened the doors to the study of prehistory. That first spark later roared into flame when I read his last will, his detailed notes on his discoveries, and his vast collection which was handed over to the Madras Government Museum in 1904. Here was an Englishman, born in Cheltenham, who had dedicated his life to unearthing India’s past, and wished his ashes laid to rest in Yercaud, a hill station in South India.

This is my homage to the Father of Indian Prehistory.




– Ramesh Yanthra

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