Gudiyam Caves
Stone Age Rock Shelters of South India

The Gudiyam rock shelters located in south India where Stone Age people and their culture thrived many thousands of years ago. This documentary reveal some surprising facts about the archaeological findings and geological formation of this rock shelters.

Gudiyam-cave-CollageAttention is drawn through this documentary on Gudiyam Rock Shelters starting from 19th century to the recent developments. Archaeological and geological findings are chronologically documented.

Uniform view and appeal of all the experts strengthens the need for urgent call to protect, popularize and conserve this unique prehistoric heritage site. More >>


Robert Bruce Foote (1832-1912) – Biography

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Father of Indian Prehistory…Robert Bruce Foote
R.B.Foote was a multifaceted person. He was  a Geologist, Archaeologist, Ethnographer, Palaeontologist, Musicologist and an Artist too.
Robert Bruce Foote was born on 22nd September 1834 at Cheltenham, United Kingdom.

Robert Bruce Foote joined the Geological Survey of India in September 1858 and after thirty-three years of service retired as Senior Superintendent in 1891, having spent most of his service life in South India. After retirement he served the princely states of RBfoote-pallavaram-stoneBaroda and Mysore as State Geologist and as Director of the Geological Department respectively. He discovered in all, 459 sites, 42 of which belong to the Palaeolithic, 252 to the Neolithic, 17 to early Iron Age.
He died in 1912 at the age of 78 in Calcutta. He lies buried in the graveyard of the Holy Trinity Church, Yercaud, Tami Nadu.