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About my Abstract Art…

My abstract is a very internal and personal experience. I am a person who enjoys the simplest things in nature – the sun on my face, a kid’s smile and those minutes in the evening when everything glows in a pale purple just before the sunset. What inspires me to create my abstract paintings is the beauty I see in simple things in nature – colors, textures, patterns, and forms. My abstract art does not look for representing something or somewhere instead it looks for making obvious the grandeur of simplicity. my style has evolved from nature, using acrylic paints, to depict natures, to a more abstract style, incorporating surreal imagery, fragmented non-geometric forms, and a vivid array of colors. Furthermore, by using mixed media, I have been able to enhance the visual and textural aspects of my paintings more effectively.



“Ramesh’s sense of color combinations and juxtapositions are attractive” – THE HINDU, 1998

“…the textural variations contrasting the smooth and the rough are commendable in the digital creations of Ramesh Yanthra.” – LAKSHMI VENKATRAMAN, THE HINDU, 2006

My Art Works

In 1990’s


Year- 2003

Year- 2004

Year- 2005