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Film Making Process

Biopic film making process


Fix the technicians for Pre-production – Associate Director -1, Assistant Directors – 2, Researcher -1, Dialogue Writer -1, Designer -1

Requirement Gathering:

  1. Person’s Interview, Internet search, Collection of books, Audios, Visuals and other relevant materials.
  2. Further Research, Family Tree, Friends & relatives Interview, DNA* Testing
  3. Location hunting

Output #1: Minutes of the meet, Age difference Fact Sheet, Characters Persona, One line order, Screen Play, Dialogue writing.

Sign of with Client /Stake holders

  1. Finding the right locations, Creating set properties.
  2. Casting (Finding similar persons in all the ages)
  3. Choosing all other supporting characters.

Sign of with Client /Stake holders

  1. Preparation of Shooting Schedule, Artist combination Schedule, Location Schedule
  2. Fix the technicians for the project (Cameraman, Art Director, Costumer and Makeup Artist)
  3. Define the costume, Makeup, Set properties and backgrounds..etc.


  1. Briefing and detailing with Cameraman, Art Director, Costumer and Makeup Artist.
  2. Getting Location permission , Selecting Studio’s / Shooting houses
  3. Shooting with relevant locations with selected artists.


Fix the technicians for post-production Editor, Music Director, Sound Designer, Voice over artists and Dubbing Artists.

  1. Animations / Visual Creations
  2. Editing
  3. Music / Song Composition
  4. Voice Over / Dubbing
  5. Special Effects/ Sounds
  6. Audio Final mix
  7. DI – Colour corrections
  8. Final Out
  9. Sign of with Client /Stake holders 

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