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Ramesh Yanthra

Ramesh Yanthra is an Artist, Filmmaker, and producer. He attended College of Fine Arts and obtained an M.F.A (Master of Fine Arts) degree in 1999 from India’s oldest fine art institute college of fine arts, Chennai (Madras), India.


College of Fine Arts, Chennai

He also worked as an art director for few films in the Tamil film industry and La Reunion’s Diwali festival in 2005.
His concepts and projects stem from various assorted sources and cultures, which lead him to create time-based work and investigate a vast range of themes within the area of  Slice of life, Thriller, Biopic, Historical Fiction, Drama, Science fiction,  Mystery, Political, Prehistory, Ethnography study and Social, Cultural developments.

Cannes Film Festival @ 2015

Ramesh Yanthra & Vasantha Kumar, DoP @ Cannes Film Festival – 2015

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