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Media Review about "The Father of Indian Prehistory"

The Times of India

Being an artist, what Ramesh tried to do was introduce Foote, not as a geologist alone, but as an artist, archaeologist an artist, archaeologist, and paleontologist as well. “There is no easy way to define Foote. His footprints traversed the whole of India. I have visited all the sites with the sketches that he made. It was a great feeling,“ he said- Read more

In memory of the pioneer, filmmaker Ramesh Yanthra from Chennai has made a 25-minute documentary on Robert Foote’s life and his path-breaking work- Read More

Indian Express

"Paintings and sculptures are meant for documenting our cultures. But around four years ago, I shifted to the audio-visual format — documentary films, because these days people turn to YouTube for everything!” says Ramesh Yanthra. His first film was about the Gudiyam caves, an important pre-historic place where Palaeolithic-age humans lived about two lakh years ago, about 70 km from Chennai- Read More


Foote, a geologist by training has just been celebrated in a documentary film made about him by Ramesh Yanthra entitled, The Father of Indian Pre-history- Read More

The Economic Times

Artist Ramesh Yanthra, who has made a short documentary on Foote, said that on May 30, 1863, Foote and his colleague William King came across a semi-hard, sharp-edged stone. "He felt that it was chiseled by hand and sent it to London for further inspection.Later, Foote realised that it was a prehistoric stone," Yanthra said- Read more


'இந்திய முன்வரலாற்றின் தந்தை' (The Father of Indian Prehistory) என்று அறியப்படும் ராபர்ட் ஃபூட் பற்றிய ஆவணப்படத்தை இயக்கியுள்ளார் ஆவணப்பட இயக்குநர் ரமேஷ் யந்திரா. பொதுவாக வெள்ளைக்காரர்கள் என்றாலே இந்தியாவைச் சுரண்ட வந்தவர்கள் என்கிற எண்ணத்தை மாற்றுகிறது இவரின் ஃபூட் பற்றிய ஆவணப்படம்- மேலும் படிக்க

Media Reviews on Gudiyam Caves

For over three years, Ramesh Yanthra and cameraman Vasantha Kumar tried to capture the beauty of the caves on film. Their perseverance paid off finally, with their documentary film — Gudiyam Caves: Stone Age Rock Shelters of South India — being selected for screening at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival to be held in May- Read More

A movie like Yanthra's can immensely help in spreading information about the Gudiyam Caves. Yanthra -- who did fine arts -- first came across the Caves during one of his study tours that involved sketching and painting. "I was amazed when I learned that Palaeolithic men lived in those Caves 100,000 years ago", the director said in the course of a chat with HT- Read More

A getaway spot in an area surrounded by rural life, this prehistoric rock shelter caught the eye of a Chennai fine arts student cum filmmaker, Ramesh Yanthra who has been responsible for coming up with a documentary on the caves- Read More

Ramesh Yanthra and V. Vasantha Kumar’s documentary Gudiyam Caves: Stone Age Rock Shelters of South India takes you on a fascinating journey into the prehistoric rock shelters- Read more

ஒரு லட்சம் ஆண்டுகளுக்கும் மேலாக மனிதர்கள் வாழும் மண் இது என்பதை அடித்துச் சொல்கிறது குடியம் குகை தன் மனப் பரவசங்களை நமக்கும் கடத்துகிறார் ரமேஷ் யந்திரா. சென்னையில் செட்டிலான ஐ.டி மனிதர். ஆர்வம் உந்தித் தள்ளியதால் இப்போது ஆவணப்பட இயக்குனர். ‘Gudiyam Caves: Stone age rock shelter of South India' எனும் இவரின் ஆவணப்படம், வரும் மே மாதம் நடக்கவிருக்கும் கேன்ஸ் திரைப்பட விழாவில் திரையிடத் தேர்ந்தெடுக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது- மேலும் படிக்க

Yanthra’s movie has been beautifully shot by V. Vasanthakumar, and he told me in Chennai the other day that he had used all kinds of cameras, including a helicam and even a mobile phone to shoot the documentary- Read More