The Father of Indian Prehistory

The Father of Indian Prehistory

Robert Bruce Foote: The British geologist who Unearthed India’s Pre-History.


The term “The Father of Indian Prehistory” was given to the man who is not an Indian, The British geologist Robert Bruce Foote’s additional efforts and hard work made him as the father of Indian Prehistory.

Foote discovered many prehistoric Paleolithic artifacts in India. He discovered 459 prehistoric artifacts during his lifetime is not an Archaeologist, In-fact he is Geologist, he served Geological Survey of India for 33years. He even explains the theory behind the uncovering of many coastal places in South India and his discovery of minerals like Limestone deposits, Magnetite, Magnesite, Chromites in India. Foote who traveled around 53,000 km along with his friend for his findings, on horseback.

This documentary will be made cognizant of Foote’s contribution towards India’s prehistory and geology who is Geologist; Archeologist; Ethnographer; Paleontologist; Museologist and Artist.

24: The age at which Robert Bruce Foote joined the Geological Survey of India.

33: The number of years he contributed towards research on Indian Geology & Prehistory.

459: The number of pre-historic sites he discovered during his career.

4135: The number of pre-historic antiquities he collected in the Indian subcontinent.

Robert Bruce Foote; a man whose footprints traversed the whole of India; a man whose hands painstakingly recorded his prehistoric findings for the future. He lived true to these immortal words:

“I have fought a good fight.

I have finished my course.

I have kept the faith.